The TNR Process

Next Steps:

Now that you're signed up on the next step is to wait for the monthly e-mail to schedule surgeries for your cats. After scheduling, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your surgery appointment date.

If you did not receive a confirmation email: 

That implies that you did not make it on the surgery schedule for that month. We have an alotted amount of available surgeries per month for catstats members.

If you received an appointment:

All traps are to be labeled with the trapper or caretakers name, phone number and trapping location. All surgeries need to be scheduled before you trap the cats. 

Cat Traps should always be covered; this reduces stress and keeps all organic matter contained preventing the transfer of any contagious illnesses.

Make sure that there are no anthills near the traps and please place only one cat per trap.

Cats should be given 24 hours to recover and fed before being released

Handling feral cats should be left to the professionals. Do not attempt to hold the cats, if a bite occurs we are required by law to quarantine the animal for 10 days.

Traps need to be thoroughly disinfected between each use. All organic matter washed away, then sprayed with disinfecting agent, let sit for ten minutes, and then wash away. 

Every cat will be sterilized, given a rabies and FVCRP vaccine, ear tip (on left ear), extended release pain medication (lasts for 3 days), and antibiotic if injury/illness is life threatening. Additional vaccines, medication, and microchips can be administered upon request. 

Please update your account after returning your cat to its home.