Trap-Neuter-Return Course

Our Trap Neuter Return course are where trained professionals teach you about trapping, fixing and caring for feral cats. These are essential for anyone interested in helping community cats in Toronto. You must take the certification course in order to use the city's free spay-and-neuter services. Present your certificate as proof of your completion of the course.

Once you take the course you will know how to care for unowned outdoor cats in your neighbourhood. All steps in setting up a managed colony will be covered, including:

getting cats spayed/neutered
working with neighbours

Written materials are provided and techniques are demonstrated. Toronto caretakers who attend the course, will be eligible for access to the new Toronto Animal Services (TAS) and; Toronto Humane Society (THS) free spay/neuter clinics for ferals, equipment loans, expert advice and more! If you live outside of Toronto, services at Toronto Street Cats Spay Neuter Clinic and Toronto Humane Society are still available for your ferals.

Registration fee: $10

See upcoming courses and register here.