The Many Ways You Can Help

Donate Online Now!

Please consider making a donation now to help us continue our work!  Now more than ever,  the cats need you.  When you click the DONATE button a secure online form will appear with easy-to-follow instructions.   




What Your Donation Can Do!

The Feline Freedom Coalition is a non-profit organization that is primarily run by the many volunteers who contribute their time and by donors who generously support us.

  • $10 will buy 10 cans of tuna to be used as trapping bait.
  • $40 will neuter 1 male cat
  • $50 will spay 1 female cat
  • $75 will buy 1 extra long humane trap plus shipping
  • $500+ will sponsor an entire colony throughout its entire trap, neuter and return process. (This is an estimate and is based on the size of the colony.  This does not include the ongoing costs of feeding and medical care.)


Donations Are Accepted By Mail.

Donations are gratefully accepted by mail at:

Feline Freedom Coalition

P.O. Box 874

Ravenel, South Carolina  29470


Other Ways to Help

The Feline Freedom Coalition also accepts donations of the following items:

  • Cat carriers

  • Wet and dry cat/kitten food

  • Clay Litter

  • Large Rubber maid Storage Totes for winter shelters and feeding stations

  • Foster homes for feral kittens

  • Towels of all sizes

  • Bleach

  • Laundry detergent

  • Snuggle Safe Warming Discs

  • Fluids (Lactated Ringers)

  • 3cc syringes

  • 1 cc syringes

  • FeLV/FIV test kits

  • Paper towels

  • Large plastic trash bags

  • Tarps

  • KMR kitten formula

  • Barn homes where feral cats can be re-located.

  • Businesses where we can put donation boxes.  We will post your business on our web site as a donor.

  • Sponsor a cat colony in need. We will post your business or name as a cat colony sponsor on our website.

  • Fresh Catnip

  • Our favorite cat trap designed by Neighborhood Cats.  Click here for more information.

  • Large Wire Collapsible Dog Crates for feral spay recovery